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About Us

We’d like to introduce you to Liberty Baptist Church. We are a church that seeks to worship God in the simplicity of the faith found in the Scriptures. We seek not to be ministry driven, but rather to be Gospel guided.

The modern church is heavily influenced by the philosophies of the current culture, but Liberty Baptist Church stands on the principles and precepts of the simple faith found in the New Testament. We summarize our purpose with these:



God gives us such a wonderful gift with the opportunity to honor Him. We gather together multiple times each week to exalt the Savior through prayer, Scripture reading, the singing of psalms and hymns, and the preaching & teaching of God’s word. When we gather, you’ll find us worshiping together as families, as we believe the Scriptures teach about the primary responsibility of fathers to lead their family during this sacred time.



God commands us to reach from our own community to the uttermost part of the earth with the message of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. He has also been very specific in the method He has chosen to evangelize the world: by the preaching of the cross! This is, in fact, the power of God to save the lost, and while the modern church has employed many means by which to evangelize, Liberty Baptist Church chooses to return to the simple method of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.



God has given us the great responsibility, through pastors and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. If the church is functioning properly as the body of Christ, it’s as a result of the saints fulfilling their roles as active members. Liberty Baptist Church takes the responsibility of equipping the saints seriously. You will find a healthy balance of expository preaching and systematic teaching in our worship services and Bible study times. We also place a heavy influence on holding fathers responsible for the daily discipleship of their families, without which the work of the church is greatly hindered.