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Catechism Section Two: Concerning the Godhead

Question 1: Who is the first and chief of all beings?

Question 2: What is God?

Question 3: What is God's name?

Question 4: Is the name of God special?

Question 5: Is there more than one God?

Question 6: What is the Godhead?

Question 7: Of whom does the Godhead consist?

Question 8: What is the nature of the Godhead?

Question 9: Is God dependent on some other being for his existence?

Question 10: Is God subject to change?

Question 11: Is God just?

Question 12: Is God a God of truth?

Question 13: Is God holy?

Question 14: Is God good?

Question 15: Is God merciful?

Question 16: Is God loving?


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